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Our Team

Cory Lignell

Cory has been involved in sports all of his life as both a competitor and a coach. He was a state ranked gymnast and a member of a 4 time state champion and #2 nationally ranked team that was recognized by the GHS Sports Hall of Fame. Cory started CrossFit in late 2006. He will tell you right off that “CrossFit is hard, really hard… and it takes time to develop capacity in this arena but if you’re patient you will be amazed at what happens along the way and that makes it all worth it”.

CrossFit Level 1
Olympic Lifting
Movement & Mobility
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
Cooper Institute

Kim Lignell

Coach Kim has also been involved in athletics her entire life playing volleyball, softball and competing in track. Her love for working with kids started years ago when she worked at a daycare for several years. She and Cory have two boys that keep them busy outside of the gym. Kim oversees our Foundations classes and is the programming director for our Youth Conditioning Program here at Frisco CrossFit.

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids

John “John-O” Garms

John Garms (aka John-O) had his first experience with CrossFit in 2009 when he was 40 lbs heavier and in desperate need of lifestyle change. Once again he reached out to his long-time friend and nutrition/excercise guru, Cory. After losing the extra 40 lbs he decided simply working on his owns goals wasn’t enough. In May of 2011 he joined the Frisco CrossFit Team and completed his CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

“I’ve found that most people come to Frisco CrossFit to improve body composition and build strength, but that’s not why they stay. They stay because they find support, acceptance, motivation, and fun – which leads to results. The look on someone’s face after they perform their first unassisted pull-up, double-under, hand-stand, or muscle-up is priceless. I love my job.”

CrossFit Level 1

Caleb Ward

Caleb Ward started out in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting at the age of 12 with the goal of going to the Olympics. Still reaching for that goal, at the decrepit age of 22, he has landed himself at Frisco CrossFit to spread the word of Weightlifting and to make sure everyone can maintain perfect snatch technique through Isabelle. His vast knowledge of the sport adds a new depth to our gym and we are happy to have him on board. He has won several National titles in his age group in the past, has competed on two Junior World teams and has trained with many of the USA’s best coaches. You’ll most likely walk up on him talking about how much he likes food or how often he makes his homemade ice cream, but you can avoid those conversations, if you want, by asking him to help you out with your lifts.

“Squatting builds character. Go do some.”

Jerrid “Bobcat” Clark

Jerrid joined Frisco Crossfit in July 2011. He came from a military background and competed on an amateur level in triathlons and various running races. He once finished 2nd in a 5k in a little town in Oklahoma and made the local paper. His typical workouts were what you would find in a health magazine and based on suggestions from trainers at the local health club. After 4 months at Frisco Crossfit, Jerrid lost 18 pounds and made significant strength, flexibility and endurance gains. He hasn’t looked back. In April of 2012, Jerrid received his Level 1 certification. He is referred to as Bobcat around these parts.

“My favorite part of the day is training and helping other people improve. And, I love burpees.”

Anthony Celia

Anthony started CrossFit in August of 2011. He had spent years aimlessly wondering around his local globo gym for hours at a time and never saw any results. After starting CrossFit he began to see reults within weeks and was hooked. The thing that really got him hooked was the sense of community. He couldn’t belive how people cheered him on when he thought he couldn’t finish. The community contuines to be the reason why Anthony trains and coaches at Frisco CrossFit. His passion for CrossFit has inspired him to live his life to the fullest no matter what he is doing. Weather it his writing music or spending time with his wife, he wants to suck the life out of it and CrossFit has taught him how to do that.

CrossFit Level 1

Courtney Griffith

Courtney is a wife and  mother of two active boys. She grew up playing youth sports but not until trying CrossFit in September of 2011 did she find her inner athlete. The extreme challenges of CrossFit stretched her comfort zone but allowed her to find strength and attain  goals she once thought impossible. She is an example that accomplishing your goals doesn’t require a superior athletic background but a willingness to work hard and improve everyday. Her one regret is not being introduced to CrossFit sooner.

CrossFit Level 1

Jeremy Serrurier

I was your typical gym rat. I languished in the “globo-gyms” for most of my adult life doing the typical chest, back, legs routines. That is until I found CrossFit. I was first introduced to CrossFit in June 2012. I was channel surfing and just happened to come across a replay of the 2011 CrossFit Games. I remember thinking to myself; this is what I have been looking for! I was drawn to the intensity, competitiveness, and camaraderie that each athlete demonstrated in their effort to become the “Fittest on Earth”. I immediately started a search for a CrossFit box in my area. I tried out a couple of local boxes, but there was something that was lacking in each of these boxes that kept me looking for more. Then I discovered Frisco CrossFit. I tried my first WOD and was completely exhausted, but I felt amazing! I also found what was missing in those other boxes. That “something” was the awesome community and coaches at Frisco CrossFit. That is what kept me coming back.

My goal is to continually help everyone in the Frisco CrossFit community achieve their fitness dream, one WOD at a time.

Now let’s get some barbells out and get to work!

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Weightlifting Certification

JP Gallagher

JP Gallagher was an All-district lineman and voted MVP-OL at Coppell High School, which he graduated from in 2006. He has now been in the fire service for over 5 years. He began CrossFit back in October of 2011. If he’s not at the fire station or at the box, he can found doing something to his house or taking classes at Collin College where he’s seeking a Business degree. He enjoys all barbell movements as well as body weight movements with a weighted vest. He despises double under’s with the intensity of 1,000 suns.

CrossFit Level 1

Shawndell Nguyen

Shawndell has been a runner for over fifteen years.  She completed several races including the Dallas half marathon.  But running wasn’t enough for her.  She was looking for more.  She got into yoga, spin, personal training, group classes and even boot camp, but became bored with these over time.  That’s when Shawndell decided to check out Frisco CrossFit.  From the very first day, she was hooked.  She loved the energy, the camaraderie, the competitive workouts, all of it.  It is challenging and the constant variations keep it interesting.   She has been CrossFitting since January of 2012 and still gets excited about the next WOD!

CrossFit Level 1

Brooke Levassar

Brooke started CrossFit in August 2011, and was instantly hooked! After years of boredom and very little motivation in the typical gym setting, CrossFit was the perfect fit to get back into “pre-children” shape again. She loved the camaraderie and energy of each class, and worked harder and harder every week to improve. Running had always been a struggle, and in an effort to improve her times onendurance WOD’s, she started running 1 or 2 days a week with a fellow CrossFit friend. After completing her first 1/2 marathon in November 2012, and continuing to run and improve her CrossFit performance, Brooke and Ale started FCF Running Club. They are excited to help others reach their running/endurance goals at FCF just as they have done.

CrossFit Level 1

Hunter Clark

My athletic career started with almost every sport I could get into, Football took over where I received the honor of being named All-State as an Offensive Lineman. Two years later I had lost over 100 pounds and found that my passion was helping as many people as I could become fit and happy, as well as myself. I have coached Strength and Conditioning camp for Liberty High School since 2010 as well as their spring football program as an Offensive Line coach. While in school at Texas A&M I work as a Strength Coach for BVMMA, a Mixed Martial Arts gym. My CrossFit journey began with FCF December 2012 and there is no place I’d rather be. It’s the community and the craving to learn and do as much as my body can handle that keeps me coming back.

Tiyane “TQ” Mike

Yoga is so much more than a workout. Asanas (poses), alone are just that: poses. However, when you combine breath with asanas, uniting the body and the mind, that is where true yoga begins.”   I stumbled upon my yoga practice in 2011 shortly after moving to Texas.  I never really had a yoga practice before this, unless you count Bob Harper’s “Biggest Losers Weight Loss Yoga” DVD as a practice.  I purchased a Groupon for Gaia Flow Yoga studio in Uptown to find stress relief from my grueling Bar Exam studies.  What I discovered, in spite of my belief of being a horrible yogi in terms of the poses, was a desire to keep trying.  As I continued to find my way back to my mat, I found my breath, I found poses I never in a million years thought I could perform. I found strength, I found flexibility, but most importantly I found my focus.  In 2012, I found CrossFit and fell in love after the very first WOD. The opportunity to combine two things that I am completely passionate about is such an honor and I feel very privileged to guide students through their yoga practice.

Registered Yoga Teacher


Robert Gonzalez- bio coming soon
Jared Barnard- bio coming soon
Jessi Guyette  – bio coming soon

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